How To Join a Search And Rescue Team

by Dana McGuire

Search and rescue is a service provided by most county's Sheriff's Departments or Emergency Management Agencies. It is usually a voluntary organization that responds 24/7 to a variety of calls. Joining a group is as simple as contacting your local team! Here are some steps to take.

Difficulty: Moderately challenging

Step One
Call your county sheriff's office and inquire about search and rescue operations. They will be able to guide you to someone who can give you more information. Most teams have monthly meetings and training sessions.

Step Two
Go to a meeting and learn what rescue work is really about and whether you can handle the physical and mental aspects of it. Much of SAR work is skills that must be learned one by one over time and can take a better part of a year with monthly meetings to gather into your "tool box". But many you may already posses.

Step Three
Find the person on the team who is responsible for welcoming new guests after the meeting and ask lots of questions. Let him or her know whether you're interested in joining.

Step Four
Attend at least three meetings and one or two training sessions to make sure you and the team are compatible (some teams are fairly intense and are run like the army).

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